Established in 1849.
Based on our love for Tamba, we have cultivated our local producing.


Tamba City is located central Hyogo and is an area with lots of nature, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
It’s a small city with its population of 7000 people and its main industry is faring/agriculture and manufacturing.
It’s famous for sky-sports such as paragliding and hang gliding because of its geographic and wind conditions.
In 2006, a fossil of Titanosaurs, which is really rare to be found, was found in Tamba and that made this city
known to many people, with them recognizing it as a Tambasaur.
Meanwhile, many people moving out to bigger cities and only older people staying is a problem.
We’d like to change that by bringing forth a new way of producing. We have been supported for 164 years
by Tamba with its abundant supply.
Though we are making changes as the world’s changing, it won’t change that we’ll stay here and keep producing.


Our foundation is our brewing technique cultivated during the 164 years.
We produce Sake that’s healthy for you by using local ingredients with no additives as much as possible after so many tries. Even those who can’t drink can try our Sake. We hope to make the kind of Sake that bring the goodness of the food you have with it, not the kind that takes the goodness away. We don’t want it to be something that people want to have once in their lifetime, but we want it to be something that people want to have again and again.

The water used

All water used in our brewing process is from the well in our property that comes from Takeda River. As you can read in the Japanese comic book, Oishinbo, it is said, “It’s amazing how, once you take a sip, you can feel the richness of the taste in your mouth, and once you swallow it, it’s gone.” It’s so clear and is soft water that can be given to babies.

The rice used

The rice used is famous Yamada-nishiki made in Hyogo, special Hyogo Kita Nishiki, and Tajima-goriki. Special care is needed when they are handled and they are generally not so famous as Sake rice yet. But we believe that they are inevitable elements to create specific taste in Sake.

Brewing process to keep it fresh

It is important to us to keep it fresh. We want to bring our Sake to you fresh, so the whole process including shipping takes only about 2 months. Those people who tend to avoid Fresh Sake are probably not fans of the smell that is brought out in the aging/storing of Sake.
That’s why it’s important to keep it fresh.

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The rice fermentation system cultivated over many years allows us to create non-alcoholic foods and cosmetics. Lots of attention is paid to rice fermentation now that it can produce many kinds of nutritive such as amino acid and vitamins. It can’t be wrong for a good lifestyle.

Non-alcoholic foods

For one, our Sweet Sake Yogurt that is good for all people from children to older people. It’s a mixture of our non-alcoholic Amazake that is made sweet by rice fermentation and fresh yogurt made in Tamba. Though no sugar is used, it’s so sweet. This product was made in cooperation with Tamba Farming Association and is taking part in making the city grow bigger.
For another, Ama Koji and Shio Koji. Ama Koji is a sugar substitute made sweetened by the rice fermentation system. You can use it cooking instead of sugar or spread it on toast. Our Shio Koji is a bit different from other companies’. It’s richer because we use Sweet Sake. It can be used as dressing for salad.


“I have tried expensive cosmetics before, but they don’t seem to be totally for me.” “I want something that is really good for my skin in a long run instead of something with many kinds of ingredients that seems to work quickly but just for now.” For those women who think this way in their late 20′s to 40′s, we’ve come up with this soap. This soap was made with our rich nature in Tamba, no additives used, and it was only made possible because we are professional in rice fermentation.




All our employees are the producers. Developing and finishing up; this is not what we think is producing. Our customers choose our products, use them, and smile; that’s what we think is producing and that’s what we want. Each of our employees thinks for our customers and acts on it.


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