One of the things that make us individual is the design we use.
The fantasy world is created by Hirosuke Watanuki, Muhoan.

All Kotsuzumi imagery is created by Hirosuke Watanuki

Artist: Muhoan, Hirosuke Watanuki
In early 1956, the department of Politics in the graduate school of Kansai Gakuin University sent him to Lisbon, Portugal as an exchange student. Since then, for about 15 years, he traveled around Europe, Africa, South America, and mainly stayed in Portugal and Spain. He found another kind of talent in him during that time and turned to be an artist from being an ambassador-intern. 39 of his works are found in museums of Europe, Africa, and Lisbon National Modern Art Museum.
His concept is “Muhoan World” and his fields are designing, sculpture, ceramics, glass making, architecture, gardening, poems, and so on. Author of 18 books and books of poems and paintings.

小鼓ラベルデザインギャラリー 今は使われていないラベルたち。小鼓の歴史の語り部

西山吟醸小鼓味三三特別本醸造 小鼓