We take full advantage of the blessed nature of Tamba
and produce for all kinds of customers.


Making and providing of relaxation of Tamba

Tamba, where we grew up, is a beautiful place with a lot of nature surrounded by beautiful rivers and mountains. As consumers’ needs are growing and in many different ways, we take full advantage of this nature we’ve got and make the best products. In all times, we try our best to heal and soothe our customers.


Name Nishiyama Shuzojo, Co., Ltd.
Address 1171 Nakatakeda, Ichijima-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo For Access
TEL +81-795-86-0331
FAX +81-795-86-0202
Homepage http://www.kotsuzumi.co.jp
Online shop Tsuzumiya.com  http://www.tsuzumiya.com/
Rakuten Tsuzumiya http://www.rakuten.co.jp/tsuzumiya/
Maastequi shop http://www.maastequi.com/
Founded in 1849
Officer President: Shuzo Nishiyama
Chairperson: Yuzo Nishiyama
Fond 20 million yen
Employees 30 people (21 being full-timers)
Business Producing and selling of Sake, Shochu, liquor, Grappa, sweets and non-alcoholic products
Products Fresh Sake: Kotsuzumi
Shochu: Chestnut Shochu, Black soy bean Shochu, etc.
Liquor: Plum Sake, fruity liquor, fuzzy liquor, etc.
Grappa: M25, etc.
Sweets: pound cake, Fondant au chocolat
Non-alcoholic products: Sweet Sake yogurt, Ama Koji, Shio Koji, etc.
Awards 2014 Tenma Tenjin plum wine competition 1th
2013/ New Sake Tasting, Gold prize
2007/ New Sake Tasting, Gold prize
2006/ New Sake Tasting, Gold prize
*Before 2006, 7 times of winning prizes
Good design award
Kansai new business MBK award
2012,2013,2014 Monde Selection Grand Gold prize
Tamba supreme award
“Sake good in a wine glass award” 2013, Daiginjo section, gold prize
International Taste & Quality Institute(ITQI) Three Stars
LosAngeles International Spirits Competition Gold prize
London SAKE challenge Gold prize