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Kinjonishiki -the Best Brocade-

The best quality sake has just been born.

The aroma is elegant and fruity.

After the gorgeous and rich flavor on your palate, the flavor will be changed to savory and the little sweetness.

Kinjonishiki is the best daiginjo ever.

The real “prestige” is in this sake.

Please enjoy this traditional brewed sake with the rich aroma and delicate taste equal to white wine and the outstanding ethnical designed bottle.

Rojo hana ari -a little bloom on a path-

This junmai daiginjo has been judged by world-renowned wine leader, Robert Parker, and got the highest points in sake category.

Fermented high milling rate of the best sake-rice, Yamadanishiki, bring up the deep magnificent flavor and the elegant aroma.

Rojo-hana-ari has a heart of Zen.

Finding the real heart in the middle of yourself is not only being patient, but also you can learn the warmth from finding a little bloom on a path.

Finding the deep impression such as finding a little bloom you like on a little path… may make you feel the warm scenery you desire… That is also another way of Zen.

A silver bloom on the indigo blue…

Please keep the “bloom” next to you, even after the drinking.

"Kotsuzumi Miyama Grape"

We use the wine-grapes to pull out the luxurious taste and fragrance.

We finished it in this grape liqueur by adding the refreshing acidity, limes, with no sugar-added.

We use our brewery-made grappa as a base.

This can be the sparkling grape liqueur of the next generation.

It has a different and new texture from champagne and sparkling wine.

In addition, no artificial flavor, no artificial color, and no preservative. Hope you can enjoy the natural flavor.

"Kotsuzumi Yuzu-Citrus"


This is the new yuzu-citrus liqueur based on the fresh yuzu-citrus juice and sake, Kotsuzumi, with fine honey.

The yuzu-citrus has been used as a traditional Japanese cuisine helps your refreshing and the little sparkles make you bracing.

Flavorful must be kind to your health. We added no artificial flavor, no artificial color, and no preservative. Hope you can enjoy it.

"Kotsuzumi Hobai ~Sparkling Plum~"


This is the sparkling plum wine infused by our refined sake. When you put it into your mouth, you feel the sparkles slightly.

This also contains no artificial flavor, no artificial color, and no preservation. Our selected ingredients create natural rich flavor.

Getting together of our fine sake, plums loved by female, and the sparkling…

This is one of our suggestions for you weak in alcohol.

"Kotsuzumi 15, Ichigo, Liqueur -Strawberry Liqueur-"


When you pour it into the glass, the mellow strawberry jam fragrance will come out.

We only use the rare selected strawberries in the Japanese market call “Takumi no Ichigo -the master of the strawberry-.”

We reduced the bitterness of the strawberry by pulling out the sweetness of the fresh strawberry with adding the fresh lemon juice and the sparkles.

In order to keep the natural strawberry flavor and aroma, we barely filtered; therefore, you may see the strawberry lees on the bottom. Thank you for your understanding.

* In addition, the name, Ichigo, comes from the same pronunciation of the number 15 and the strawberry in Japanese language.

copyright Nishiyama Brewery 2008 all rights reserved.